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The truth of Zen,
Just a little of it,
Is what turns one’s
Life of monotonous,
Commonplace actions,
Into one of art,
Full of genuine inner creativity.

The bait is the means
To get the fish where you want it;
Catch the fish and you discard the bait.
Words are the means to get the idea
Where you want it;
Catch onto the idea
And you forget about the words.

do we enquire “what is happiness?” Is that the right approach? Is that
the right probing? We are not happy. If we were happy, our world would
be entirely different; our civilization, our culture would be wholly,
radically different. We are unhappy human beings, petty, miserable,
struggling, vain, surrounding ourselves with useless, futile things,
satisfied with petty ambitions, with money, and position. We are unhappy
beings, though we may have knowledge, though we may have money, rich
houses, plenty of children, cars, experience. We are unhappy, suffering,
human beings, and because we are suffering, we want happiness, and so
we are led away by those who promise this happiness, social, economic or

is the good of my asking if there is happiness when I am suffering? Can
I understand suffering? That is my problem, not how to be happy. I am
happy when I am not suffering, but the moment I am conscious of it, it
is not happiness… So, I must understand what is suffering. Can I
understand what is suffering when a part of my mind is running away
seeking happiness, seeking a way out of this misery? So must I not, if I
am to understand suffering, be completely one with it, not reject it,
not justify it, not condemn it, not compare it, but completely be with
it and understand it?

truth of what is happiness will come if I know how to listen. I must
know how to listen to suffering; if I can listen to suffering I can
listen to happiness because that is what I am.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life


very first thing to do, if I may suggest it, is to find out why you are
thinking in a certain way, and why you are feeling in a certain manner.
Don’t try to alter it, don’t try to analyze your thoughts and your
emotions; but become conscious of why you are thinking in a particular
groove and from what motive you act. Although you can discover the
motive through analysis, although you may find out something through
analysis, it will not be real; it will be real only when you are
intensely aware at the moment of the functioning of your thought and
emotion; then you will see their extraordinary subtlety, their fine
delicacy. So long as you have a “must” and a “must not,” in this
compulsion you will never discover that swift wandering of thought and
emotion. And I am sure you have been brought up in the school of “must”
and “must not” and hence you have destroyed thought and feeling. You
have been bound and crippled by systems, methods, by your teachers. So
leave all those “must” and “must nots.” This does not mean that there
shall be licentiousness, but become aware of a mind that is ever saying,
“I must,” and “I must not.” Then as a flower blossoms forth of a
morning, so intelligence happens, is there, functioning, creating

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life

People who believe their unquestioned thoughts cannot see what is obvious and directly in front of their faces at all times, because they are invested in what they believe to be true. As long as they live out of an unquestioned mind, they must continue to argue with what they believe is happening rather than the reality of what is really happening.

Master your words.
Master your thoughts.
Never allow your body to do harm.
Follow these three roads with purity and you will find yourself upon the one way, the way of wisdom.


Without knowing yourself, do what you will,
there cannot possibly be the state of meditation. I mean by
“self-knowing,” knowing every thought, every mood, every word, every
feeling; knowing the activity of your mind – not knowing the supreme
self, the big self; there is no such thing; the higher self, the Atman,
is still within the field of thought. Thought is the result of your
conditioning, thought is the response of your memory, ancestral or
immediate. And merely to try to meditate without first establishing
deeply, irrevocably, that virtue which comes about through self-knowing,
is utterly deceptive and absolutely useless.
Please, it is very
important for those who are serious to understand this. Because if you
cannot do that, your meditation and actual living are divorced, are
apart – so wide apart that though you may meditate, taking postures
indefinitely, for the rest of your life, you will not see beyond your
nose; any posture you take, anything that you do, will have no meaning
;It is important to understand what this self-knowing is,
just to be aware, without any choice, of the “me” which has its source
in a bundle of memories – just to be conscious of it without
interpretation, merely to observe the movement of the mind. But that
observation is prevented when you are merely accumulating through
observation – what to do, what not to do, what to achieve, what to
achieve; if you do that, you put an end to the living process of the
movement of the mind as the self. That is, I have to observe and see the
fact, the actual, the what is.If I approach it with an idea, with an
opinion – such as “I must not,” or “I must,” which are the responses of
memory – then the movement of what is is hindered, is blocked; and
therefore, there is no learning.

Jiddu Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

If you are an enemy to your own mind, other people have to become enemies too, sooner or later. Until you understand, until you can love the thoughts that appear in your mind, then you can love the rest of us. You work with the projector -the mind – not the projected world. I can’t really love you until I question the mind that thinks it sees you outside itself …

In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?

Clouds and rain shroud
The gateless gate;
Frost and snow veil
The winding road.
With contemplation and subtlety
Of spirit we discover Tao
And the secret of the Way grows
Within us.