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Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.

the present crisis throughout the world is exceptional, without
precedent. There have been crises of varying types at different periods
throughout history—social, national, political. Crises come and go;
economic recessions, depressions, come, get modified, and continue in a
different form. We know that; we are familiar with that process. Surely
the present crisis is different, is it not? It is different first
because we are dealing not with money nor with tangible things but with
ideas. The crisis is exceptional because it is in the field of ideation.
We are quarreling with ideas, we are justifying murder; everywhere in
the world we are justifying murder as a means to a righteous end, which
in itself is unprecedented. Before, evil was recognized to be evil,
murder was recognized to be murder, but now murder is a means to achieve
a noble result. Murder, whether of one person or of a group of people,
is justified, because the murderer, or the group that the murderer
represent, justifies it as a means of achieving a result that will be
beneficial to man. That is we sacrifice the present for the future—and
it does not matter what means we employ as long as our declared purpose
is to produce a result that we say will be beneficial to man. Therefore,
the implication is that a wrong means will produce a right end and you
justify the wrong means through ideation. … We have a magnificent
structure of ideas to justify evil and surely that is unprecedented.
Evil is evil; it cannot bring about good. War is not a means to peace.

Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life