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Ultimately, fear of failure generates a viciou…

Ultimately, fear of failure generates a vicious circle that creates what is most feared. To break this cycle, you need to make peace with failure. It isn’t enough to merely tolerate it; you need to appreciate the failure and use it.

Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothin…

Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.

When we experience the power of the Self, ther…

When we experience the power of the Self, there is an absence of fear, there is no compulsion to control, and no struggle for approval or external power.

Fear is the memory of pain. Addiction is the m…

Fear is the memory of pain. Addiction is the memory of pleasure. Freedom is beyond both.

Freedom from fear

it possible for the mind to empty itself totally of fear? Fear of any
kind breeds illusion; it makes the mind dull, shallow. Where there is
fear there is obviously no freedom, and without freedom there is no love
at all. And most of us have some form of fear; fear of darkness, fear
of public opinion, fear of snakes, fear of physical pain, fear of old
age, fear of death. We have literally dozens of fears. And is it
possible to be completely free of fear?

can see what fear does to each one of us. It makes one tell lies; it
corrupts one in various ways; it makes the mind empty, shallow. There
are dark corners in the mind which can never be investigated and exposed
as long as one is afraid. Physical self-protection, the instinctive
urge to keep away from the venomous snake, to draw back from the
precipice, to avoid falling under the tramcar, and so on, is sane,
normal, healthy. But I am asking about the psychological
self-protectiveness which makes one afraid of disease, of death, of an
enemy. When we seek fulfillment in any form, whether through painting,
through music, through relationship, or what you will, there is always
fear. So, what is important is to be aware of this whole process of
oneself, to observe, to learn about it, and not ask how to get rid of
fear. When you merely want to get rid of fear, you will find ways and
means of escaping from it, and so there can never be freedom from fear.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life

To be individual means complete freedom from a…


Surely, as long as the mind is caught in
authority, it is not an individual at all. And, to find out what is
real, what is God, what is truth, to discover that which is nameless,
must one not be completely individual? To be individual means complete
freedom from all fear, from all compulsion, from the desire to find a
right way of living. That is what we all want, that is the cry in our
hearts -to find a right way of action, a right way of conduct, a right
method to live happily, to have peace. And, does not that very cry
create authority, the authority of a book, of a person, of an idea? We
want to be told what to do, how to live, in what manner to overcome the
innumerable problems that we have. And, with that desire in our minds
and in our hearts, we pursue those who can give us what we are seeking,
those who we think will lead us to reality, to happiness, to God.
can the mind be free of this whole process and live simply from day to
day, understanding life as it arises from moment to moment? After all,
that is the timeless, the nameless eternity, when the mind itself is the
unknown. At present, the mind is the known; it is the result of time,
of yesterday, of accumulated knowledge, experiences, and beliefs. And
such a mind can never know the unknown. This is not some vague form of
mysticism. Surely, if I want to know something that has never been
experienced before, that is not of time, that cannot be put into the
frame of authority, my mind must be totally free from the past, which
means that it must be free from fear… .
The mind can never be
free of fear as long as it is making an effort to get away from fear.
All that it can do is to be aware that it is frightened and be
completely passive, without any choice. Then you will see that the mind
becomes extraordinarily quiet and, in that quietness, the problem of
fear can be resolved. In that stillness of mind, authority has wholly
vanished. What need have you of authority when, from moment to moment,
you are seeing what is true?

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – Collected Works, Vol. VII

There is only one thing that makes a dream imp…

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Contacting fear

There is physical fear. You know, when you see a snake, a wild
animal, instinctively there is fear; that is a normal, healthy, natural
fear. It is not fear, it is a desire to protect oneself—that is normal.
But the psychological protection of oneself—that is, the desire to be
always certain—breeds fear. A mind that is seeking always to be certain
is a dead mind, because there is no certainty in life, there is no
permanency… When you come directly into contact with fear, there is a
response of the nerves and all the rest of it. Then, when the mind is no
longer escaping through words or through activity of any kind, there is
no division between the observer and the thing observed as fear. It is
only the mind that is escaping that separates itself from fear. But when
there is a direct contact with fear, there is no observer, there is no
entity that says, “I am afraid.” So, the moment you are directly in
contact with life, with anything, there is no division—it is this
division that breeds competition, ambition, fear.

So what is important is not “how to be free of fear?” If you seek a
way, a method, a system to be rid of fear, you will be everlastingly
caught in fear. But if you understand fear—which can only take place
when you come directly in contact with it, as you are in contact with
hunger, as you are directly in contact when you are threatened with
losing your job—then you do something; only then will you find that all
fear ceases—we mean all fear, not fear of this kind or of that kind.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life

Fear makes us obey

Why do we do all this—obey, follow, copy? Why? Because, we are
frightened inwardly to be uncertain. We want to be certain—we want to be
certain financially, we want to be certain morally—we want to be
approved, we want to be in a safe position, we want never to be
confronted with trouble, pain, suffering, we want to be enclosed. So,
fear, consciously or unconsciously, makes us obey the Master, the
leader, the priest, the government. Fear also controls us from doing
something which may be harmful to others, because we will be punished.
So behind all these actions, greeds, pursuits, lurks this desire for
certainty, this desire to be assured. So, without resolving fear,
without being free from fear, merely to obey or to be obeyed has little
significance; what has meaning is to understand this fear from day to
day and how fear shows itself in different ways. It is only when there
is freedom from fear that there is that inward quality of understanding,
that aloneness in which there is no accumulation of knowledge or of
experience, and it is that alone which gives extraordinary clarity in
the pursuit of the real.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life

Dealing with fear

One is afraid of public opinion, afraid of not achieving, not
fulfilling, afraid of not having the opportunity; and through it all
there is this extraordinary sense of guilt—one has done a thing that one
should not have done; the sense of guilt in the very act of doing; one
is healthy and others are poor and unhealthy; one has food and others
have no food. The more the mind is inquiring, penetrating, asking, the
greater the sense of guilt, anxiety… Fear is the urge that seeks a
Master, a guru; fear is this coating of respectability, which every one
loves so dearly—to be respectable. Do you determine to be courageous to
face events in life, or merely rationalize fear away, or find
explanations that will give satisfaction to the mind that is caught in
fear? How do you deal with it? Turn on the radio, read a book, go to a
temple, cling to some form of dogma, belief?

Fear is the destructive energy in man. It withers the mind, it
distorts thought, it leads to all kinds of extraordinarily clever and
subtle theories, absurd superstitions, dogmas and beliefs. If you see
that fear is destructive, then how do you proceed to wipe the mind
clean? You say that by probing into the cause of fear you would be free
of fear. Is that so? Trying to uncover the cause and knowing the cause
of fear does not eliminate fear.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Book of Life