so, tell me what i’ve missed” he inquired. suc…

so, tell me what i’ve missed” he inquired. such a simple and seemingly innocent question, what had he missed. well i had made the switch to cheese itz instead of goldfish, i used to get both but cheese itz has a great deal and i decided they tasted better. i went shopping the other day, got a few things that i didn’t really want or need, but it was just one of those great split second decisions that might benefit me in the long run. i had found a great hair place near my school, such a cute place, but do you ever notice that all hair dressers, make up artists, nail salon, or spa workers are not very tall? i don’t understand what school you go to to be good at cutting hair or painting nails or waxing eye brows, is it just a hobby that you pick up?
that’s what he missed, but all i said was
“nothing much