How can I control my moods?


Sometimes the weather is bright and
sunny; sometimes it is all dark. In the spiritual life also, unless we
have access to the inner sun, doubt can come and destroy our joy. Fear
can come, lack of confidence can come, every undivine quality can come.
What we need is inner happiness. Quite often I see you people laughing
and joking, but that is not actually inner happiness. When you are
inwardly happy, then you see that you are really making progress. Again,
from inner happiness you can get outer happiness also. When outer
happiness comes due to inner achievement, inner progress, then that
outer happiness is real happiness. Otherwise, the so-called outer
happiness is not genuine happiness.

In your case, what actually happens very often is that you feel
inferior, which is absurd. You feel that so-and-so is superior to you.
If I ask you how many people in the Centre are superior to you, then you
will tell me that everybody, everybody is superior. Why do you have to
think of them as superior and yourself as inferior? Just think of
yourself as my spiritual child, as God’s chosen child. Here we are all
God’s chosen children.

The inferiority complex creates a problem in your life. If somebody
writes a poem or speaks to me, then immediately you feel inferior. I am
so happy to tell you that in your case it is not jealousy that creates
problems. In your case it is an inferior feeling, but that is also
undivine. Please feel that it is not your problem whether somebody is
superior or inferior to you. Your problem is to make progress for
yourself. When you make real progress, at that time you will see that
others are also making progress.

Please do not consciously cherish the feeling of inferiority. In
God’s family there are many persons. If one member of the family starts
feeling that he is inferior, then he will always remain inferior in the
mind, whether he is actually inferior or not. But if he thinks of
himself always as a member of the family, then the question of
superiority and inferiority does not arise.

– Sri Chinmoy, Four intimate friends: insincerity, impurity, doubt and self-indulgence