Hive behind the fact that I shower you in peta…

Hive behind the fact that I shower you in petals,
remember who gave you wings.
I wrap every limb around those antennas, and I listen.
You relieve the fear of being stung by something so horrible,
I use to hide behind bushels of lies,
blanket myself in dead flowers.
Now, I hive within you, make my home in something that brings me sweets.
I hive in the taste of an unknown kiss,
I thrive in a kingdom of crystal wings and patterned glee,
honey sweet touches that bring life into me.
Allow me to be the field of flowers in the dead night of spring,
harvest what I have left, let the body sing.
Take me back to the warmth of the comforting honeycomb,
and I will follow you wherever you roam.
No distance is too long, no field big enough for me,
to always, and forever, be with my darling honey bee.
-honey comb tastes best when picked from your lips