Innocence alone can be passionate.

Innocence alone can be passionate. The
innocent have no sorrow, no suffering, though they have had a thousand
experiences. It is not experiences that corrupt the mind but what they
leave behind, the residue, the scars, the memories. These accumulate,
pile one on top of the other, and then sorrow begins. This sorrow is
time. Where time is, innocency is not. Passion is not born of sorrow.
Sorrow is experience, the experience of everyday life, the life of agony
and fleeting pleasures, fears and certainties. You cannot escape from
experiences, but they need not take root in the mind. These roots give
rise to problems, conflicts and constant struggle. There is no way out
of this but to die each day to every yesterday. The clear mind alone can
be passionate. Without passion you cannot see the breeze among the
leaves or the sunlight on the water. Without passion there is no love.

– Jiddu Krishnamurti – Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Bulletin 4, 1969